Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lion Tail Monkey - Hunt


Do you know Lion Tail Monkey? It is one of the spices which is less in the world because of hunters. The Lion Tail monkeys are hunted mainly for its meat. JAVA island in Indonesia is having a national park named Faloran. This park is having many Lion tail monkeys. But these monkeys are hunted by the peoples who are almost some the villagers from JAVA. In Indonesia Coat, chicken, fork are very costly. This is the main reason for these monkey hunters. They are making a soup called Pakcho from monkey's meat. They are strongly believe that this will increase their body power compared to other soups.

Langur monkey

Indonesia have a law which can give 5 years of prison against the hunters. But this law not followed by many people. If this happens further, we will surely loose the Lion tail monkey in the world.


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