Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pothys Piggy Bank Aadi Gift - Chennai


Hi friends, I would like to share my experience with Pothys – Textile shop in T.Nagar. Usually Aadi is a season where almost all the shops attract the customers by giving good discounts. Captivated by the advertisement which Pothys has given for the Aadi sale, I wanted to visit the shop. The advertisement goes like this; a small girl saves money through the Pothys discount offer and gets a piggy bank to collect the money saved through the Pothys sale. The little girl in the advertisement also adds that her friends too started saving looking at her.


The piggy bank which she held in her hand looked very pretty in the advertisement and i wanted to get the piggy bank too, so I decided to go to Pothys. Needless to say that the shop was crowed, guess may people like me would have walked into Pothys to get the piggy bank. Though there was a huge crowd, the management supervisors were seen throughout the shop helping their customers to get what they wanted. I picked up a dress for myself, billed it and got it delivered, it was taking a lot of time, but the thought about piggy bank made me to wait patiently. Once I got the package delivered, I rushed to the ground floor and waited among the queue to get the piggy bank. piggybank gift

After waiting for few minutes, I got a blue color piggy bank, I was really excited since blue is my favorite color. I could see a lot of children wanting to get the piggy bank. Pothys has reached its advertisement among the kids by giving piggy bank as a gift. Pothys is always known for their different kind of marketing style. While other shops give only discounts, Pothys gives a piggy bank along with discounts. It is for sure that Pothys has brought a great interest among the kids with their marketing and advertisement on piggy bank.

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