Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blackberry Solution – Deadline Extended for RIM


The solution to RIM (Research In Motion) over access to Blackberry expected on August 31, 2010. The security issue has raised about the Blackberry as the data can be easily hacked. So RIM took the responsibility to deliver the  solution. Meantime Canadian firm says that it has solution for this problem but they need some tome. So The solution to the Blackberry insecurity issue has extends its deadline.

If they have missed to give the solution for Blackberry insecurity issue It will be surely banned in India.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Mercedes Benz Buses in Bangalore


The Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) has operated the first batch of 10 Mercedes-Benz buses. These buses will put on a long distance (route) for a period of fortnight. This is the first time in India Mercedes-Benz buses are being operated by a state run undertaking. As an introductory offer the bus will charge on Rs.5 irrespective of the distance for the first there days. mercedes benz bus bus mercedes bus Bangalore KSRTC Benz Bus Bangalore benz bus

These buses will be operated between Kempe Gowda Bus Station and Kadugodi, and between KBS and Electronics City between September 1st to 15th and it will be operated between KBS and International Airport, and Vijayanagar and ITPL from September 15th to September 30th. The corporation has decided to increase the fleet depending on the response from the people. Initially the Karnataka State Road Corporation had operated a trial of Mercedes- Benz buses between Mysore and Bangalore.

Mr.Ashok (Minister of transport, food and civil supplies) said that these buses would be operated between Chennai, Mumbai and Belgaum routes to start off with. He also added that the modern bus station with all the amenities would cost around 75 crores and is in the pipeline. Karnataka was also the first state to introduce Volvo buses in India and it is said that the charges for the Mercedes-Benz buses would be same the Volvo buses.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Latest Medical Invention to Reduce weight


Exercises have become crucial in our daily part of life. Doctors advise a minimum of forty minutes walk per day to keep our body healthy.

A lot of diseases could be avoided if one exercises everyday. Doctors say that diseases like diabetics, heart diseases and many others could be prevented with the help of exercises. In this busy life schedule it has become really hard to spent time for exercising though one really want to do it. A recent invention has been made in the medical industry – a new invention which imitates (has the same effects of exercising) exercising has been found by the scientists.

This new invention gives the same benefits which exercises give. This new invention improves the potential of the athletes. Doctors have planned to give this new invention to patients who are immobile in hospitals and to patients with disabilities. This new invention is expected to get appreciation from sectors and would become the most wanted medicine in the near years. Old people can also take this new invention to boost their body and impure their system. This new invention will help the people who are interested in exercising but being able to spend time - Thanks to the new invention.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Healthy Oil Pulling


Oil Pulling was a old method of curing many diseases. It does not bring wonders over night it differs with each individual and takes time to cure .

Oil pulling is done only in empty stomach and the best time would be in the morning before or after brushing your teeth. If you want to cure soon as possible then the oil pulling is done even thrice a day but in empty stomach.

Best oil which can be used are Sunflower ,coconut or sesame oil .During the oil pulling just in case the oil is swallowed not to worry , there are no side effects,at the most you may vomit or get a slight stomach ach the next day it will disappear.

About 10ml is taken in the mouth and all you have to do is gaggle for 20 minutes and spit it out , you will find the oil which is yellow in color will be in white after gaggle. Then with your finger brush the teeth and clean them so that all the germs in your teeth will be washed out.

Oil pulling can be done at any age,even during menses or if the woman is pregnant. There are no restrictions about diet ,you may have anything or drink anything you want. you can start any time and if you wish to stop  oil pulling you can stop any time.

Oil pulling gives you good sleep good digestion,a stress less life ,a good appetite, skin shines,toes and finger nails turn pink ,blood gets purified ,blood circulation is good,dimpled skin and cracks change into good healthy and glowing one, it cures arthritis problem,improves good eye sight and many .Once you are cured and feel healthy you can stop oil pulling, but can be done once a week or once a month just to stay healthy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pothys Madurai


Pothys – Madurai

Pothys remains as an undisputed leader in the textile industry. Their unique garment collections have attracted many customers. Pothys has a strong foothold in Chennai, Tirunelveli and Srivilluputhur. Now Pothys has expanded its fourth destination to Madurai. This new showroom was opened on 28th May 2010 and it was inaugurated by its chairman Mr.K.V.P. Sadayandi Moopanar. The spacious showroom is located in West Masi Street and offers a wide range of collection of silk sarees and western garments. Pothys has been present in the textile industry for the past ninety years and has exceptional collection of sarees like Samudrika, Parampara and Vastrakala. Pothys was the first showroom to receive ISO 9001 certification and offers 100 percent customer satisfaction. Pothys had given a different style of advertising for their new showroom, they have signed Veteran actors Sathyaraj and Seetha to do the commercials. It is said that Pothys in Madurai will have all type of dress collections for men, women and children. The new showroom has attracted many kids since they have huge distinctive collections for them. Also this aadi has pulled many customers toward Pothys due to the piggy bank offer. Madurai known for traditional culture and temples has another reason to celebrate – the new Pothys showroom.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Madurai International Airport


Madurai (Also called “Koodal Nagar”, “Madura”) known for its temples and culture has got something new to be on the news. An international airport is to be opened soon in Madurai and all most all the work are at the verge of completion. There has been a lot of ground work happening in the Madurai airport taking it closer to become an international airport. The runway in the airport was extended and instrumental landing system (ILS) was installed in the airport. With the extended 7,500 feet runway the airport would be able to accommodate A320 aircraft.

The ILS installed it the airport will help the flights to land in the runway under any condition and weather. Moreover it a must to have ILS to handle and land international flights. Currently Madurai having 11 aircraft services daily which includes eight services to Chennai, two to Bangalore and one to Mumbai. Sources say that Madurai is emerging as an ideal destination for quality health system and hence it is having many patients coming from Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai.

madurai-airport-flight Madurai International-Airport  madurai international airport construction Madurai International Airport Madurai Airport terminal Madurai--Airport

This increase in the flow of international patients has lead to the improvement in the city’s connectivity, which led to the extension of the Madurai airport. Medical sources from Madurai say that they would be able to see lot of international patients with the Madurai having an international airport. Reports say that there would be connectivity established to Gulf, Srilanka and Singapore. It is also expected that the cargo potential would also increase. Thus the Madurai international airport has raised the expectations of the people.

The distance from Madurai Railway Station to Madurai International Airport is around 11.5 km. 

International Flights From Madurai / International Flights To Madurai  (Planned)

Air India
United Airlines
Delta Air Lines In
Klm Royal Dutch Airlines
Northwest Airlines
Jet Airways


Book Your Flight Tickets from/to Madurai through www.yatra.com

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Chennai Pothys Sarees Collections


Pothys stand as an undisputed leader in the textile industry since it is the ideal destination for buying silk sarees for all occasions. The silk sarees are crafted to perfection and has lot of design and stories within. Their exclusively hand designedpothys in chennai sarees include Samudrika, Parampara and Vastrakala. Samudrika pattu (silk) means a saree which has all the beautiful characteristics. The Pothys weavers have portrayed all the admirable designs in the samudrika pattu and thus it stands as a first choice for the bride in a marriage. Parampara pattu is the jacquard work on the traditional kancheepuram silk saree giving an outrageous look. Vastrakala pattu is the combination of kancheepuram silk and embroidery work of north India.

  pothys chennai advertisement

Vastrakala pattu is a unique blend of north and south Indian tradition and it is created for the modern women for function wears. Pothys also has ordinary kancheepuram silk sarees with good design and range. The party wear sarees are exquisite designer sarees which is ideal for social gathering and festivals. Pothys has exhibited a new range of Kutti sarees (Kids sarees) for children. Pothys has a distinctive advertisement style. There advertisements always have a grace an everlasting endurance.

pothys showroon chennai pothys silk sareepothys silk sarees

  Their selection of Hemamalini to display the Vastrakala pattu is an apt choice because she was born in south Indian and became famous in north India. For their recent advertisement, they have chosen Trisha and no one could believe that Trisha could look so stunning and gorgeous in a silk saree. Pothys offers greater customer satisfaction and no wonder they were chosen as the best by Sun TV – AC Neilson survey. Pothys also tries to inculcate good habits among the children by giving saplings to grow and by giving piggy bank to save money. They stand high in quality and offering competitive price when compared to other shops.

Pothys Sarees Collection

Pothys Chennai Showroom

Pothys Aadi Sale

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pothys Showroom Chennai TNagar


POTHYS IS LOCATED IN THEYAGARAYA NAGAR (TNagar), CHENNAI , TAMIL NADU, it is centre part of T.Nagar, its PHONE NO. 044 24310901.
Pothys is number one destination collection of silk sarees and it have lot of collections, Their main aim is to weave silk saree. The famous three Silk saree collections are Samudrika pattu. Parampara pattu and Vastrakala pattu

Samudrika Pattu
A lovely women epitomic perfect creation, in other words she is endowed with "Samudrika Lakshanam" according to Vedas. At Pothys our designers and weavers have achieved in capturing such admirable characteristics in our Kanchipuram sarees and have christened this creation as "Samudrika Pattu - Sarva Lakshana Pattu"

pothys silk saree

Parampara Pattu
Parampara sarees are uniquely woven with Uppada Jacquard work on Kanchi pattu giving it a gloriously traditional feel and a contemporary outlook.

Vastrakala Pattu
Together they create an enchanting blend of North and South to give you the perfect saree that will make you feel special in any social gathering. These sarees are greatly preferred by modern young women who always love looking their best. They can be yours to and are available in the price range between Rs.10,000 to Rs.2,00,000

Pothys is perfect collection for all class people, and its suitable for all age women

Arish collection

This collection of saree is party wear saree it s very cheaper and all young age girls and women like this. This collection of sarees colors are like by the young generation girls. Mostly college goers like this type of sarees. Laser chiffon., net and shimmer in seductive combination of colors .

pothys silk sarees

Men wear

In Pothys not only for ladies men wear also available exciting collection of ready made and dress material. Men love to shopping hear. In Pothys men pattu dhothi is also available for all class of people. They woven leading mills across the global, it attract all kinds of men.

Kids wear

The most important section is kids wear Here all kinds of kids wear like jeans, T.shirts,ghagras, pattu pavadai, cotton wear to all kinds of traditional collection is available. The teens , girls and boys enormous collection of stylish dress is available. So younger people also like to go there.


Pothys has been conferred two prestigious awards from Government of India and The nation awards for weaver and the silk market For their creativity 

The first showroom in south India to be have ISO 9001:2000 certificate

The SUN TV conducted voted in 2000, The most popular silk saree showroom is pothys


Pothys Sarees Collection

Pothys Chennai Showroom

Pothys Aadi Sale

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pothys Piggy Bank Aadi Gift - Chennai


Hi friends, I would like to share my experience with Pothys – Textile shop in T.Nagar. Usually Aadi is a season where almost all the shops attract the customers by giving good discounts. Captivated by the advertisement which Pothys has given for the Aadi sale, I wanted to visit the shop. The advertisement goes like this; a small girl saves money through the Pothys discount offer and gets a piggy bank to collect the money saved through the Pothys sale. The little girl in the advertisement also adds that her friends too started saving looking at her.


The piggy bank which she held in her hand looked very pretty in the advertisement and i wanted to get the piggy bank too, so I decided to go to Pothys. Needless to say that the shop was crowed, guess may people like me would have walked into Pothys to get the piggy bank. Though there was a huge crowd, the management supervisors were seen throughout the shop helping their customers to get what they wanted. I picked up a dress for myself, billed it and got it delivered, it was taking a lot of time, but the thought about piggy bank made me to wait patiently. Once I got the package delivered, I rushed to the ground floor and waited among the queue to get the piggy bank. piggybank gift

After waiting for few minutes, I got a blue color piggy bank, I was really excited since blue is my favorite color. I could see a lot of children wanting to get the piggy bank. Pothys has reached its advertisement among the kids by giving piggy bank as a gift. Pothys is always known for their different kind of marketing style. While other shops give only discounts, Pothys gives a piggy bank along with discounts. It is for sure that Pothys has brought a great interest among the kids with their marketing and advertisement on piggy bank.

Pothys Sarees Collection

Pothys Chennai Showroom

Pothys Aadi Sale

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

23 herbal Beauty Tips

Here are 23 practical Herbal Tips for Skin Care from the experts! Very easy to use and effective.

1) Drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

2) Cut some beet root into small pieces and grind them. Squeeze juice from beet root and massage to your face for 5 minutes. Shower after 10 minutes with mild soap or gram flour.

3) Mix sandalwood powder with rose water and add 4 to 5 drops of milk in it and apply on to your face and body. Shower after 15 minutes with warm water.

4) Mix honey in water and drink daily in the morning to keep your skin shiny and smooth.

5) Warm honey and mix with lemon juice and apply on to face. Wash after it dry.

6) Mix Turmeric, sandal powder and olive oil and apply to body. Shower after 10 minutes.

7) Massage your skin with milk. Milk has moisturizer, it will keep your skin smooth.

8) Use humidifiers and keep room temperature moderate to keep your skin away from dryness.

9) Hot water blushes your skin and you don't feel fresh unless you have bath with little cold water. If you have shower for a longtime, dead skin will be automatically be removed. Do not rub with towel, be gentle on your skin.

10) Take food which contains more A and C vitamin.

11) Grate carrot and boil. Massage that mixture to body to get fair and smooth skin.

12) For natural bleaching: - mix milk and lemon juice. The
milk will break as soon as you mix the lemon juice in it. Use that mixture to massage on your body. It works as natural bleaching.

13) Mix turmeric and cream on the top of milk, massage that mixture to body.

14) If you go into sun your skin will lost the fair ness. To get your skin color to normal take equal quantities of cucumber juice and tomato juice and apply on to skin. Shower after 10 minutes.

15) Massage mustard oil to your skin for 5 minutes and have shower with gram flour or mild soap.

16) Mix cream on the top of milk and all-purpose flour and apply that paste on to your skin avoid eyes, eyebrows and lips. Shower after 5 minutes. This will make skin smooth.

17) Mix curds (yogurt) with wheat flour and apply to your skin and take shower after 5 minutes.

18) Grind rose petals and mix with cream on the top of milk and apply to your body. Shower after 10 minutes.

19) Scaly skin is a result of fluorine deficiency. Fluorine is the anti-resistant element of the human body, the absence of which creates problems in the blood and spleen. Since cooking and heating foods destroys fluorine, it is better to eat uncooked raw fruits and vegetables. Other foods rich in fluorine are goat milk and cheese, rye flour, avocados, sea plants and cabbage, cream whey and cottage cheese.

20) Wrinkle skin is a result of Sodium deficiency and makes skin sticky. Cucumbers are ideal for combating and preventing sodium deficiency because they are not only high in sodium, but also help in keeping the body cool, a great summer's treat.

21) Skin rashes are the result of silicon deficiency. To avoid pus and rashes, eat plenty of sprouts, alfalfa, barley, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries and figs.

22) Skin eruptions are the result of Chlorophyll. And are found in wheat grass and other green leafy vegetables

23) Drink carrot or pomegranate juice in the empty stomach will give glow to your skin.

Solar Tsunami – Sun Tsunami


Solar Tsunami – Sun Tsunami

On August 3rd Tuesday, Astronomers witnessed a huge flare (the size of earth) above a giant sunspot; this led a major eruption around the sun’s surface. This explosion led to a coronal mass ejection which directly aimed towards the earth. The planet was hit by a “Solar Tsunami” racing 93 million miles across the space. Scientists have warned that this huge explosion could shut down the global communication and the satellites might get destroyed. NASA has also warned that Britain could be receiving the widespread power blackouts. Leon Golub of Harvard Smithsonian centre of Astrophysics quoted that the eruption was directed towards the earth. Scientists say that, when the natural magnetic shield around the earth is being disturbed, a wave of super charged gas will be released. Dr Lucie Green of Mullard Space Science Laboratory said that the first eruption was really large that it changed the magnetic fields throughout the sun and provided suitable conditions for the second eruption. She also added that there more possibility of seeing major and prolonged effects such as northern lights at low latitudes. We need to actually wait and watch the causes and effects of this Solar Tsunami and wish that it doesn’t bring any harmful and dangerous effects.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stress Management


Stress is related to diseases such as cancer heart related problems, asthma immune system disorders, allergies, headache, etc. These can also lead to alcoholism and drug abuse, the two problems that have become prevalent in organizations and society. From a organization perspective these problems can lead to high levels of absenteeism, turnover and low performance. Stress management like other interventions is facilitated by people with specialized knowledge and skills such as psychologists, physicians and other health professionals specializing in work stress. The concept of stress is best understood using a model describing organizational and personal dysfunctional consequences of stress. There are two types of stress interventions can be used.

  • Directed towards diagnosing and understanding the causes of stress.
  • Directed towards changing the cause and helping people cope with stress


The working of stress identifies several organizational factors causing stress. Off these three stressors have been researched extensively. The individual items items related to work overload, role conflict and role and role ambiguity.


Physical environment, Light, noise, temperature, and polluted air

Individual: role conflict and ambiguity, work overload, lack of control, responsibility, and working condition

Group: poor relationship with peers, subordinates, boss

Organizational: poor structural design politics and no specific policy


Stress management is a preventive method in which either the causes of stressor removed or the employee capability to face stress is improved. Which ever method we use diagnosis is the starting point. The current organizational situation and the awareness of employees about the causes of stress and it sources are are analyzed to get information needed to develop a matching stress management program. They are two methods of stress diagnosis Charting stressors and Health profiling

Charting stressors

The two types of information must be correlated to understand which of stressor cause the most stressful negative consequences. This type of analyses helps in not only identifying the organization conditions those improvement eliminations but also the category of employees who will be affected and will need special attention.


The method targets and stress symptoms to correct or remove the organization condition that cause them .personal habits, probed through questionnaires to identify stress symptoms, and his physical measurements are taken and analyses along with the above to from a health profile.