Monday, July 19, 2010

Kone falls

Kona Falls also known as “ Konai Falls”. Its between Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu state and its 60 KM from Tiruninravur, Chennai. The roads were so tricky and irregular patches of road. This is a vacation place it takes two and half hours riding from Chennai. It’s a very famous and good water falls located in Narayanavaram Madal, Chitoor District. It’s a very good place for hangout for the boys who can enjoy their weekend in the peaceful place can enjoy the trekking and having a shower in the falls.
Entrance of Kone Falls.

The above picture is the Entrance of the Kone falls from here need to travel 2Km to reach our destination place, to be very cautious has the roads were so tricky and sharp bends. At the end of the road you can see a “Lord Shiva” Temple and next to the temple you can find a falls where that falls shouldn’t have that much huge.
The most adventures people can enjoy the trekking while going for the trekking should be very cautious coz the place were so slippery and lots of bottles which may hurt you. You can see lot of monkey while going. At the top of the hillock you can see the waterfall and a small pool, the water is so clear and cool where it comes from so many herbs in the hillock.

Route Description

The best way to go to Kone falls is bike riding where you can enjoy the riding and you can reach home early and can make this trip as a picnic. Start from Koyambedu, catch the straight road, go on till the Red Hills flyover but don't go on up the flyower, go straight to reach Periyapalayam. Then continue down the village road which is narrow but good. Reach Uthukotai, then Nagari and then Kone. What a piece of road the last 30 Kms is, it's really like flying. You can have cool breeze of the tree in your driving and there are plenty of fuel stations. The very important one is the road very irregular and should be careful while driving. Drinking and drive may give you a bad result.


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