Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is this good to give honey for infants???????????


Do you have infants at home? Do you want to know how to take care of the babies by having simple tips?
honey for baby

Parents have to more cautious to take care of their infant’s baby’s; they should have knowledge of what to do for their infants. Many people say different opinions but need to listen the Child specialist advice, grandma’s advice always go haywire. So parents should have a proper advice from their doctors or nutrition’s advice to take care of their baby’s.
Is honey good for health? Yes of course honey is very good for health and it cures many diseases also, but Honey for the infants who didn’t complete their one year it’s a dangerous and poisonous one. Why honey is not good for the infants? Why we shouldn’t give honey for the babies?

honey for infants

Many doctors and nutrition suggest that honey shouldn’t not be given to the baby until they are one year old. Because it contains clostridium botulism spores and it affect the babies and cause severe illness to the infants. Honey is not supposed to give to the children it cause the infant botulism. Infant Botulism affects the baby’s nervous system and it may cause to death and it cause double vision, droopy eyelids and they have a difficulty in breathing and swallowing the food. Botulism spores also be found in low-acid-canned food and corn syrup so try to avoid these products to baby’s till they complete their 2yrs.

Symptoms of Infant Botulism:
Ø Persistent Constipation
Ø Floppy arms, legs and neck
Ø Weak cry due to muscle weakness
Ø Week Sucking and poor feeding
Ø Tired of all the times due to lack of energy
Ø Difficulty breathing

Symptoms develop within in 18 hrs to 36 hours sometimes it may takes a month, it may cause to death if we didn’t take a proper treatment. It would be better if you avoid this sweet honey to your sweetheart till the age of 1.


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