Monday, July 12, 2010

Article Writing Job - Unique Articles

Write your own Articles and Make Money

You can start earn money by just writing your own articles in the following topics.No restriction to think and express your opinion. Send your articles to
For each valid article you will get 10 rupees. For ex: if you write 20 articles per day
you will receive Rs.6000 per month.


1. Your articles should have minimum 300 words
2. It should not have spelling and grammar mistakes.
3. You should not copy from any website. It should be in your own words.

  • Latest Technologies.
  • Latest cell phones, cars or any equipment.
  • Best picnic spots.
  • Best places.
  • Interesting History.
  • Best games to play ( computer games, video games,etc.., )
  • Incident that occurred at any places.
  • News about politics, stock market, etc..,
  • latest course, results or education.
  • Information's about colleges.
  • Latest services.
  • About movies, hero's, heroines, serials, anchors.
  • About students life, career, job vacancy. job's description.
  • Tips for boys, girls, career, house wives, children.
  • Description about any game show in TV.
  • Latest updates in computers.
  • Interesting stuffs and tricks in computers.
  • About environment, animals, human nature.
  • Diseases in animals or human being.
  • Information about any products.
  • Any Tour places (Like Goa, Simla, or any other country tour place)
  • About any picnic places (like zoo, park, and so)
  • Interesting Information (ex: explain any Guinness records)
  • About the features of any device (like mobile, any other device)
  • About any Television anchors (both male and female anchors)
  • About any interesting TV programs
  • Explain your view about any mega serials
  • Recent general News (like census, any expo, general events)
  • Sports information / NEWS
  • Any articles about great stars (sports star/ movie star)
  • About any colleges
  • Review about any movie
  • Any new study courses
  • About any favorite computer software / site

    Once you reach 500.Rs we will send through check or Bank deposit or paypal.
    Complete your articles and send to


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