Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Training is the process of learning, attaining knowledge and improving the skill of an employee to enhance his performance at work. Training plays a pivotal role in improving the performance of an employee (productivity). Training inculcates teams spirit and good image about the organization to the employee. Training also focuses on imbibing the organizational culture, policies etc to the employees hence making them to work towards the profit. While organizing a training program the objectives of the training should be set clearly. The trainer should be a well read person in the area where his is going to train the employees. The trainer should set a plan as to how he wants the training session to happen and what kind of improvement he would be able to generate in an employee after the training.  Traditionally training was considered as a waste of time since no positive result was produced out of it. But now, training is plays an important role in enhancing the performance of an employee. There are two types of training – technical training and general training. In technical training the employee is trained on the various technologies according to their field of work. In general training includes, six sigma training, 7 habits, motivation, team building, work management, etc. Training could be in two forms – class room training and online training. In class room trainings an instructor trains the employee on the specified subject for the required number of numbers. In online training, the employee visits the training manual and takes up the trainings. The advantage of online training is that the employee can do it at his own pace and at his own style.  At the end of the training the trainer gives an assessment sheet to the employees to rate themselves on the subject they have learnt. A good assessment implies a successful training session.


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