Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Life is Dreams and Challenges

Every body have own dreams in their lives.   Some dreams come through, but some go in vein due to situation and circumstances.  The question is that whether we should get dishearten in this situation or look for the alternative /better opportunities.   There are two examples who looked for the alternate options and succeeded in their lives.

  1.         There was an  young artist in America during 1960s,  Though he entered Film Industry as a small artist acting in few films, he was looking for  a best opportunity with lot of expectations as he had gained name and fame to some extent by that time   Likewise in 1964 a famous director in America was planning  to direct a movie  “The Best Man”  and looking for the best actor who carries a  Prestigious and high Majestic look , as the Hero of the movie was playing a role of  President. Then the director called  for test, interested  guys came the interview and none was selected.  This young artist was also tested and rejected as the young artist was not carrying “ Prestigious look”.  But this young artist did not get dishearten and took it as a challenge  saying that  “ What if don’t act as a  President in a movie, I have every chance to become a  President of America in my real life one day in my future” 


This  self confidence really  worked out . In  1981  he become  President of America and he is none other than  Mr. Ronald Regan.

  2.     This is the incident happened in a remote undeveloped village in Tamilnadu.   A boy studying in a primary school was fond of Aeroplanes.  He had a dream of becoming a Pilot from his childhood.  He finished  his schooling and happened to join the college, according to his dream he wanted to take up Pilot course.  But unfortunately he missed it just because of his height as he was bit short,  though  he was eligible in all other respects. But again he was not at all disappointed   and took a challenge that “ What if I didn’t get chance to drive a plane, I will become a Engineer to design a Aeroplane “ and  decided to become a Aeronautic Engineer and  joined a Engineering college in Madras.   Accordingly he obtained  Degree of   Aeronautical Engineer and secured  a job at Indian Space Research Organisation.  There by developing  phase by phase in the organisation  he became the President of  Indian Space Research Organisation., who became a Pride of  India  in the field of Space Research .  And this person is none other than our great  A.P.J. ABDUL KALAM, who was also the President of India and was also a Chief of India Air Force

    All have their own dreams,  but  unfortunately most of them will not happen or come true.  In this situation don’t get disappointed or dishearten.  Instead think that if one door of the opportunity is closed,  many more doors get opened.  You should carefully notice, find it and make your dreams true.  

  Develop challenges in your life along with dreams


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