Thursday, August 19, 2010

Madurai International Airport


Madurai (Also called “Koodal Nagar”, “Madura”) known for its temples and culture has got something new to be on the news. An international airport is to be opened soon in Madurai and all most all the work are at the verge of completion. There has been a lot of ground work happening in the Madurai airport taking it closer to become an international airport. The runway in the airport was extended and instrumental landing system (ILS) was installed in the airport. With the extended 7,500 feet runway the airport would be able to accommodate A320 aircraft.

The ILS installed it the airport will help the flights to land in the runway under any condition and weather. Moreover it a must to have ILS to handle and land international flights. Currently Madurai having 11 aircraft services daily which includes eight services to Chennai, two to Bangalore and one to Mumbai. Sources say that Madurai is emerging as an ideal destination for quality health system and hence it is having many patients coming from Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai.

madurai-airport-flight Madurai International-Airport  madurai international airport construction Madurai International Airport Madurai Airport terminal Madurai--Airport

This increase in the flow of international patients has lead to the improvement in the city’s connectivity, which led to the extension of the Madurai airport. Medical sources from Madurai say that they would be able to see lot of international patients with the Madurai having an international airport. Reports say that there would be connectivity established to Gulf, Srilanka and Singapore. It is also expected that the cargo potential would also increase. Thus the Madurai international airport has raised the expectations of the people.

The distance from Madurai Railway Station to Madurai International Airport is around 11.5 km. 

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