Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stress Management


Stress is related to diseases such as cancer heart related problems, asthma immune system disorders, allergies, headache, etc. These can also lead to alcoholism and drug abuse, the two problems that have become prevalent in organizations and society. From a organization perspective these problems can lead to high levels of absenteeism, turnover and low performance. Stress management like other interventions is facilitated by people with specialized knowledge and skills such as psychologists, physicians and other health professionals specializing in work stress. The concept of stress is best understood using a model describing organizational and personal dysfunctional consequences of stress. There are two types of stress interventions can be used.

  • Directed towards diagnosing and understanding the causes of stress.
  • Directed towards changing the cause and helping people cope with stress


The working of stress identifies several organizational factors causing stress. Off these three stressors have been researched extensively. The individual items items related to work overload, role conflict and role and role ambiguity.


Physical environment, Light, noise, temperature, and polluted air

Individual: role conflict and ambiguity, work overload, lack of control, responsibility, and working condition

Group: poor relationship with peers, subordinates, boss

Organizational: poor structural design politics and no specific policy


Stress management is a preventive method in which either the causes of stressor removed or the employee capability to face stress is improved. Which ever method we use diagnosis is the starting point. The current organizational situation and the awareness of employees about the causes of stress and it sources are are analyzed to get information needed to develop a matching stress management program. They are two methods of stress diagnosis Charting stressors and Health profiling

Charting stressors

The two types of information must be correlated to understand which of stressor cause the most stressful negative consequences. This type of analyses helps in not only identifying the organization conditions those improvement eliminations but also the category of employees who will be affected and will need special attention.


The method targets and stress symptoms to correct or remove the organization condition that cause them .personal habits, probed through questionnaires to identify stress symptoms, and his physical measurements are taken and analyses along with the above to from a health profile.


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