Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Solar Tsunami – Sun Tsunami


Solar Tsunami – Sun Tsunami

On August 3rd Tuesday, Astronomers witnessed a huge flare (the size of earth) above a giant sunspot; this led a major eruption around the sun’s surface. This explosion led to a coronal mass ejection which directly aimed towards the earth. The planet was hit by a “Solar Tsunami” racing 93 million miles across the space. Scientists have warned that this huge explosion could shut down the global communication and the satellites might get destroyed. NASA has also warned that Britain could be receiving the widespread power blackouts. Leon Golub of Harvard Smithsonian centre of Astrophysics quoted that the eruption was directed towards the earth. Scientists say that, when the natural magnetic shield around the earth is being disturbed, a wave of super charged gas will be released. Dr Lucie Green of Mullard Space Science Laboratory said that the first eruption was really large that it changed the magnetic fields throughout the sun and provided suitable conditions for the second eruption. She also added that there more possibility of seeing major and prolonged effects such as northern lights at low latitudes. We need to actually wait and watch the causes and effects of this Solar Tsunami and wish that it doesn’t bring any harmful and dangerous effects.


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