Thursday, August 26, 2010

Healthy Oil Pulling


Oil Pulling was a old method of curing many diseases. It does not bring wonders over night it differs with each individual and takes time to cure .

Oil pulling is done only in empty stomach and the best time would be in the morning before or after brushing your teeth. If you want to cure soon as possible then the oil pulling is done even thrice a day but in empty stomach.

Best oil which can be used are Sunflower ,coconut or sesame oil .During the oil pulling just in case the oil is swallowed not to worry , there are no side effects,at the most you may vomit or get a slight stomach ach the next day it will disappear.

About 10ml is taken in the mouth and all you have to do is gaggle for 20 minutes and spit it out , you will find the oil which is yellow in color will be in white after gaggle. Then with your finger brush the teeth and clean them so that all the germs in your teeth will be washed out.

Oil pulling can be done at any age,even during menses or if the woman is pregnant. There are no restrictions about diet ,you may have anything or drink anything you want. you can start any time and if you wish to stop  oil pulling you can stop any time.

Oil pulling gives you good sleep good digestion,a stress less life ,a good appetite, skin shines,toes and finger nails turn pink ,blood gets purified ,blood circulation is good,dimpled skin and cracks change into good healthy and glowing one, it cures arthritis problem,improves good eye sight and many .Once you are cured and feel healthy you can stop oil pulling, but can be done once a week or once a month just to stay healthy.


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