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Ahobila Mutt Oriental Higher Secondary School

Ahobila Mutt Oriental Higher Secondary School
I am going to write about Ahobila Mutt School located at West Mambalam Chennai- 33, the school still following the South Indian culture. This school follows the Vaishnava religious. The dress code of the school for girls till 8th Full meron color Skirt and White Shirt and from 9th Std Meron Skirt and Half Saree and white blouse, for boys White Dhoti and White Shirt. Krishnamacharya is the founder of the school. The head master of the school is T.M. Soundarrajan and Assistant HM is S. Prema Latha. Srivansatakopa Sri Veeraraghava Satakopa Yateendra Mahadesikan. The 43th Srimad Azhagiyasingar of Sri Ahobila Muth (Devanavilagam Azhagiyasingar). They having a branch in Madhurandhagam.
The Oriental High School was founded in 1952 with the primary objective of providing oriental education, starting at the school level, with Sanskrit learning as the focus so as to be a feeder to the Sanskrit College. In 1962 The School was recognized by Tamilnadu state government to offer oriental education up to 10th standard under the Tamilnadu State Education Board. The school till now has provided school education to nearly 1000 students. It’s a very strict school and following the Indian Culture and the fees structure also very moderate and the teaching is very good. The main objective to offer quality of education in Indian sastric systems, particularly in Vyakarna and Nyaya strictly following the traditional cultures. Teachers in the Ahobila School like Jaya, Swaminadan, Uma, Latha, Muthu , Raji , Kalyana Sundaram, K.S. Srinivasan are very good teachers and awarded for Best teacher awards also. The very best thing about the school is they still following the Indian Culture..

Ahobila Mutt Veda Patashala was found at 1942 and they are conducting all the four Vedas Rig, Yajur, Sama veda and Athravanda veda was not following in the school. Every day evening after the 4Clock the veda class will conduct according to their family veda. Veda class starts from the 6th std Bhrahmin Students once they have did their poonul kalyanam.
For the girls and the other community boys every evening they are conducting Prabhanda Class were they teach 4000 Divya Prabhandha, Thirupavai, Prbhandasaram, Thiru Pallandu etc., In the morning Vishu Sahasra Namam will be taught in the prayer and Wednesday and Friday upnyas will be conduct. Music is a very important subject in Ahobila Mutt School and marks also will include in the ranks, Music Teacher P.T. Seshadri having a very good voice and he also a prabhandha teacher, till 9th std Music is also a main subject for the students and in the 9th std Students will undergo for the Music Exam it will be two part of exam Theory and Practical once the student has passed the both the exam they will be giving a certificate stated that the student has passed the Lower Carnatic Music. Sanskrit is very old language and few schools are having this subject but here in Ahobila Mutt School they are giving very importance to this subject and Bhagavat Gita and Bhagavatham has been teach to the students and they train the students for the competition. Till 8th std Parichaya, Abinya and vishakshana are the three exams will conduct from 6th to 8th std , if the student has passed these three exams they will be a equal to BA Sankrit qualified one. This school scores state ranks in the OSLS, HSC exams. Most of the students are Bharahmins and few of them were non Bhrahmins and the ratios of the students were 95% were bharahmins and 4.5% were non bhrahmins and 0.5 were from other religious. On the public exam times they place the hall tickets in the Kodanramar temple which is adjacent to Sri Ahobila Mutt School and then they distribute the hall tickets to the students.


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