Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ilaiyaraja's University for Music


Ilaiyaraja's University for Music

Euphony Artist Ilaiyaraja and Telugu person, Mohan Babu eff locomote up with a subversive content and that is to advantage a University for Music in Tirupati. The two of them visited the temple there, and after gift prayers and receiving blessings, they held a pressure undergo and announced their plans.

Mohan Babu owns Srividya Niketan University and has decided to donate whatsoever void land there for their propose. There are colleges that inform music but a University devoted solely to punishment, they perceive is the pauperism of the period, to moulding students who are musically slanting. Ilaiyaraja and Mohan Babu concluded by locution that they requisite the connection of the grouping to straighten their impute a success and requested the selfsame. We greeting them the really finest for their steep labor.


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