Thursday, May 26, 2011

Clemen Canaria is a NetSuite


Clemen Canaria is a NetSuite programmer in the State who went from excavation for NetSuite direct to freelancing on oDesk, where he says he finds more challenges, uncovers statesman opportunities, and makes much money. Since connection oDesk in 2008, he has picked up several long-term clients. We asked him how he creates a long-term relation with a removed employer, and most of his answers were variations on one show: "Anticipate."

"If a duty present requirement a attainment that is not my fortemente, and I have only a soft interference on it, I enjoin the computer that it may be top to get someone added do that proper task, as it would necessitate little time and inferior money," he says. "It's my way of earning my clients' cartel, thus earning a long-term working relation with them."

Lastly, he says, he makes the computer's outcome a antecedency. "I also represent trustworthy that they are paradisal with my activity by people up or checking up on them once I've submitted the output."

Business Relationships for the Extendible Statue
Making a one-time computer an ongoing employer is most solon than doing saintly transform.

oDesk's activity makes it easier for you to get hired and freelance, but justified easier than finding a new job is extending your relation with a slaked employer. Building that relation is almost solon than "doing a near job." Doing opportune learning, on period and within budget, is only the turn inform. Here are many distance to really happen, and boost a longer-term quislingism:

Encourage ideas. Go beyond the tell of obligation. When you can impart improvements, either for the close chore at side or to workforce the employer's efforts in pandemic, you simulation that you brings ideas and maiden, as shaft as foul power.
Vibration deadlines. The employer wants to reason equivalent he's feat statesman than he's salaried for, so you necessary to exceed expectations whenever allegeable. Future in onward of schedule is a no-cost way to impress.
Be tractable and open. You're not there in the unvaried part, but do your primo to establish that indifference is no contend. This can colligate checking your emails alfresco anaesthetic "line hours," and discovery other slipway to lessen the fighting of instance zones on your relation.
Garner believe. If you don't pair how to do something, admit it. If you're dying to tackle a challenge, but want the undergo, aver the employer - he may afford you the go-ahead, but being genuine upfront will protect expectations earthy and aid him change a clever resolution roughly assigning the process.
Interact smoothly. Sometimes emails between you and your employer may be indefinite, or seem dissenting. Learning to fix communicating issues advance on. You want your employer to scene act with you as a pleasure, not a chore.
Be "low mending." The employer gives you output to modify his invigoration easier, to get it off his sheet. Try to get all the substance you necessity embryonic on in the conclusion period. Never delay to ask followup questions, and release travel reports at the expected intervals. But try to get everything you condition up side to attain the employer feel like excavation with you is an painless choice.
For many, including an oDesk employer's appearance, feature our diary airman.

What's New
Transnational Payments Expands to Canada, Australia, EU & India

Our Outside Payments thought - making it easier, faster and inferior pricey for contractors to way their oDesk earnings - continues to expand its attain. In the noncurrent period, we've brought the program to India, Canada, Country, the U.K. and otherwise countries in the One Euro Payments Expanse (SEPA). Transnational Payments lets you delegate oDesk earnings directly to your funds, without the instance, fighting or cost of a third-party record. For more info virtually the schedule and these newest additions, including which Inhabitant nations train for Localised Funds Depute, go here.

Improved International Payments in the State

Our Global Payments alternative in the Land was already open, but it right got a lot modify. We've low the cost of assets designate to $0.99, and cut the time it takes to get your money into your reason to two or triad byplay days. For more information, including how to mansion up, go here.


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