Monday, December 20, 2010

Villapuram Madurai


If you are travelling towards Madurai Airport, you might have seen an area named Villapuram. It is just 10 KM from Madurai International Airport. Madurai Villapuram is one of the area which is very famous in different aspects. It was very famous in Madhu Theater. Now Madhu theatre named as Vetri Theatre. I still remember some of the theatre like Padma, KathirVel, New deluxe.

The nearest areas of Villapuram are Meenakshi Nagar, Jeyavilas, Keerathorai, Villapuram Housing board. That housing board was originally a water storage area (Kanmai in tamil). I have to surely tell this, Villapuram is not having any water problem for the past 12-15 years because of Counselor Leelavathy. She lost her life to make Villapuram people to get good water.  She killed by some groups.

You can see Rice Mills, post office, Kaliyatha Temple, Pillayar temple , Motor bike Workshop, Bakery, Milk Shops in Villapuram.


Bus Routes are : 16 series, 10 series,  37, 56, 76 series,


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