Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sabari Malai Water Bottle Price


Sabari Malai is one of the important place for Hindu’s. Lakhs and Lakhs people visits there eversabari Malaiy year. Water is  essential for every lives in this world. Such essential water normally sold for 10 to 13 Rupees. But in Sabari Malai many shop owners are selling this water for 20 Rupees. This annoys people so much. This news had been published last week in Dinamani News Paper. With the effect of that Police Officer ChandraSekar. (A.D.G.P. ) warned all shop owners. Visitors of SabariMalai can directly complaint to police if anyone sell water bottle more than 13 rupees. 

Such a Initiative by police is really appreciable. People who feels some consumer products selling with high prices which is not tolerable can raise their voice to get the permanent solution. Thanks to Dinamani.


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