Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Below are various reasons why some employees don't leave the Organisation's are

1) COMFORT LEVEL: The Employees are very much comfortable with the current work.
Since they are very much comfortable with work pressure, surrondings and the people's with whom they are working, they have created a good RAPPORT with the colleages.
2) SETTLE: Some peoples want to settle down after some time period this mainly happens after marraige and then dont want to move from one state to another state in search of work.
3) POSITION:Some peoples want to have position in small span of time and if some one stays for long time in same organisation than organisation gives a position in faster way.
4) RISK: Risk in sense Of Money , Position or work.
5) AFRAID:Whether they can manage the work or the team members in other organistion since in current organisation's work habit is different than other Organisation.
6) LACK OF CONFIDENCE:They fill that they can't get the job easliy in the Other Organisation and also think that there will not be any Security of the Job in the new Organisation as compared to the existing Organisation.They fill that they can't handle the peoples ouside the current surronding's because they might be fresher for that new Organisation (Even though they have a very good Expereience).
7) PERSONAL REASON:Some Employee don't want to move from Here and there or change the companies since they don't want there Life Routine to be changed.
Some Employees are planning to do Marriage,Some Employees might have taken Home Loan so they don't waant to take risk and Disturb there Day to Day life.


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