Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Below are various reasons why some employees Leave the Organisation's are

1) COMFORT LEVEL: The Employees are NOT very much comfortable with the current work, They think that this is not the kind of Work on which they want to work,others are work pressure, surrondings and the people's with whom they are working.
Some Employees fill that they are not comfortable with the current manager and they can't work anymore with that manager.
Some times the managers also knows that but still they will not release that Employee so there is no option left other than resign. some times Knowingly the Managers put pressure on the employee to do the work with which the employee is not at all comfortable and interested but still the employee do that thing some span of time but if this becomes the Routine that employee is Frustated and take's the decision of leaving the organisation.
When the employees finds that the new employee recruited from the other organisation is paid very much high (twice or thrice the amount he is currently getting) than him and good position having same amount of experience from the other Organisation, at that time UNcomfortable feels and there is no interest left in doing the work.
The new recruited one is to be trained by the existing employee and various things need tobe done by the current employee such as give the KT and help in solving the Technical issues at that time the Frustration comes that why should i work this much i am not getting paid for all this.the new employee has to do since he is paid much more than the existing.
when the Salary differnce is very much and when the existing employee come to know that the new recruited employee does not sound good still he is paid so much high at time the Frustration comes and the decision to leave the organisation comes into mind.

2) PERSONAL FEELINGS : Some Employees, Team Members or Managers take Personal about some work ( or Personal Feeling among themselves) which makes uncomfortable to others.Some wants to take revenge from Each others.

3) MONEY:Many Employees leave Organisation for Better Package (Money) since they have some Further future Plans.
this is mainly done Before marraige so that Good Bulk Amount of Money is Saved for the Future use.Since Better Package increases the Loan Eligibity and they can take big House and can settle.

4) SETTLE: Some peoples want to settle down after some time period so they do leave the Organisation and search for other where they Can get A good package and Position and then for some time there is no need to change the Organisation.

5)POSITION:Some peoples want to have Good position in small span of time and if they think that in current organisation they will not get that position because of the various other employees in the Competition and if they change the organisation they can easily get the same Position ASAP.

6) RISK: Some Employees like to take risk ( If one of the colleagues is leaving the organisation than the other will also Follow him irrespective of any reason).

7) CONFIDENCE:They fill that they can get the job easliy in the Other Organisation and also think that they can handle the things in a better way in the new Organisation if the appropriate position is given as compared to the existing Organisation.

8) WORK PRESSURE:If the work pressure is for certain period of time than it's managable and acceptable that there are times when the work Load is very high and very low, But if the work load is high for daily and te routine is created for the same at that time the employee dont get the time to live his personal life.

9) WORKING HOURS: If the employee is made to sit Late Daily even if the work is finished early and not allowed any leaves or move out on time and still the bossing is done on him.

10) PERSONAL REASON:Some Employee want to move for there Personal Reason like Some Employees want to stay wit there Family, some are planning to do Marriage,Some Employees might have to buy new house and settle down.

and Many more ..........................................


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