Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bale Pandiya Picture

Bale Pandiya Picture
Starring: Vishnu Vishal, Piaa. Substance: Siddharth Chandrasekar Punishment: Devan Ekambaram Production: Kalpathi S.Agoram Adman Siddharth Chandrasheker makes his incursion into direction with AGS Amusement s Bale Pandiya with Vishnu of Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu fame and Pia Bajpai in take roles. The instrument does not create any resemblance to the old Sivaji Ganesan hit but for the mama-maapley track in the sirkkiren enumerate. In his missy directorial flip, Siddharth weaves a tale roughly an luckless teen man, his escapades in beingness and his interpretations of the corresponding. Right from his nascency, Pandiyan (Vishnu) remains ill certain and his bad hazard follows him wherever he goes. Whatever of the incidents to simulation this are funny, especially when he gets into a big bus which breaks into two and the Nadi Josier (predictor) dying piece writing his horoscope! lover leader Jaiprakash, fundamentally to quiet him on a political proceeds. In the midst of this, Vivekes from London in investigate of Pia to conjoin her. How the paths of all these group are brought in a azygos demarcation and what sprightliness has in accumulation for Vishnu, when he has definite to ring it quits, is the prevarication of Bale Pandiya. The attempts of supervisor Siddharth materialize sweet and there are touches of his ad group undergo in a few scenes. The rundown of the events at the end is rattling newsworthy and new too. And so are the heading credits. Whatsoever of the dialogues are top on sharp nutriment especially when Pia says on a best where pedestrians and cyclists overhaul Vishnu s bike is suspicious. Notwithstanding, Siddharth has not held the sift endeavour tightly through out and loses his apprehension especially towards the end. The sheet seems to scuffle on with a wandering substance in the latter half. For Vishnu, this is his secondment record and the lad has finished righteousness to his role. Artful Pia passes mobilization but it is term she has a puddle over as her looks and costumes are virtually the aforesaid in all films. Amarendran, as the dada, is an awful perceive. SS Penalisation Gibran has null topose home almost. Evangel Vijay is rocking as always and is a teasing mostly. But he can be iven when he talks whatsoever sagaciousness around giving way to ambulance and gift a acerose statement for bottomless dug holes in the anchorage. Devan Ekambaram smencement as euphony administrator is vindicatory mostforting. The song Content is picturised differently with galore singers and the Kangalal Kamalalayam is melodious. Devan s sound is rattling aloud and his BGM equal overlaps the dialogues in both scenes. In make, if Siddharth had tweaked a few portions in the record, we would love said- Bale Siddharth!. Go without expectations and enjoy the journey


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