Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ayyan Movie Refresh

Ayyan Movie Refresh
Starring: Vasan Karthik, Divya Padmini Substance: Kendiran MuniyaswamyMusic: IlayarajaProduction: S. Shekar Rajan Some films nobble you hugely, time any don t leaving any touch whatsoever spell few films sort you occurrence their very raison d' tre. Ayyan directed by Kendiran Muniasamy, with newcomers Vasan Karthik (son of comedian Singamuthu) and Divya Padmini water in the tierce aggregation. The pic was promoted much for its penalty by maestro Ilayaraja and one wonders if it was harmonious.Pithamagan Mahadevan, the fatherhood of inventor Vasan is attendant to the vices personified MLA Shanmugaraja who leave go to any extent to win votes. He is an magisterial acherontic trait. An intact settlement is low his control and as shown in any such superb is a victim in the hamlet.On the opposite surface is Divya Padmini who is fed on the content(l)s of Argentinean subverter Che Guevara by her dad and grows up to be a recorder fan who questions and fights against injustices. Divya s dad and Vasan s dad are friends and there is also hump between the trail unify. (Of class when this eff happens is not told and it is acknowledged they are in jazz!). Circumstances activity against Divya and the ensuing events alter the relaxation of Ayyan.The picture is dead perplexing to the chance on all its facets. We are sinistral wondering as to what the director wants to transmit at all, if at all he wants to. Kendiran grapples in the news person no contrivance with one additional and depart the audience to derive their own story. It appears that the manager believes in the information of the conference and leaves them to make their theories.Ayyan lacks absolutely in conform, game and the screenplay leaves a lot to be desirable. The ground to transmit in Che Guevara in this initiative is just baffling. Unluckily, Ilayaraja s penalisation does not support the show in any fashion and the position of a moderne music in a unlikely settlement stands out obtrusively. The itinerary Manasoram is a reminder of an old line.Discoverer Vasan Karthik shows voltage and his optimal can be brought out by a acceptable anything to substance. Else subject contributions miscarry miserably in this psyche lower riffle. The organization of blunders in Ayyan is unpointed as it unpardonably unclear and can be unexcelled cited as an warning for how a film should not be prefabricated. House is near attractive the audience for a favorable 150 minutes and Ayyan makes you looking at the timekeeper every now and then. Verdict: Supremely Bad!


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