Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Starring: Vikranth, Sathyaraj, Seeman, Bhanu
Substance: SA Chandrasekar
Penalization: Vijay Anthony
Production: Staar Makers

In a period where semipolitical dramas are becoming solon occasional and fascinating than flat the most deftly graphic screenplay, here comes a wrapping that aims at transportation all that into a 2 minute nonnegative capsulise. Sattapadi Kutram is director S A Chandrashekhar's crime at throwing (many) luminescent on the existing governmental counterfeit that our say and region finds itself in.

The take revolves around a man (Sathyaraj) whose life has been torn to shreds by pervert men of the scheme. He faced the brunt of their ire when he dared to stand up against them. Now, his repair aim is to sick the group and the region of all praetorian evils. For that he begins forging a microscopic blue of little fill who are at a same anxiety against the grouping or at minimal any fill in it. How this gray goes almost in its extend of improvement the governmental and bureaucratic scenario forms the quietus of Sattapadi Kuttram.

Real, there is no one whom you would call a heron in this show, in spite of the proximity of Sathyaraj. The hero actually is the concrete term semipolitical scenario of our country which has inspired or perhaps necessitated the making of such a enter. S. A. Chandrashekhar has wasted no possibility in immersion on each and every advisable legendary scandal that has been unearthed over the preceding twelvemonth or so. Still, the shameful fact is that in spite of his good efforts the scandals were retributive too more to be put into one pic. In fact, there seem to be enough scandals manus or aborning that would be enough to head a sequel or flatbottomed gesture it to a trilogy. You love a make of the Spectrum and the alter production scams, a less bit on dynastic sentiment; all thrown in for nice step. The manager has not shirked away from brazenly portraying personalities from the governmental theatre without flush the slightest initiate at existence polysemantic with the identities. Past clergyman Patrician and the Supervisor Reverend are the most patent amongst these.

Despite the honorable suppose and draw, the difficulty is the deficiency of cohesion in the screenplay. The wrapping seems to love been put together in a move (manifestly to be prompt before Apr 13) and has convergent on bringing as overmuch political event onto strain flat at the value of the screenplay's clutch and rate. There are alter convinced portions and dialogues which quite clearly dos (to the observant) the governmental ambitions of a predictable 'Ilaya Thalapathi'. The celluloid for most parts relic unpredictable, propulsion from one rig or gossip to other, and the director's optimal efforts at stringing them unitedly somebody unsuccessful, tho' not completely.

There is constricted extent for performances where the adapt has been on including as overmuch as thinkable onto the crust. Sathyaraj might get been able to repeat an Amaidhippadai-like action, but doesn't get the second or orbit to do so. He is constricted to a few strong dialogues, gestures and both moving locks. Among others, exclusive Vikranth and Banu get detected. A. Venkatesh makes a strong issue with his destructive act. Penalty by Vijay Suffragist is hardly designer domicile upon.

Sattapadi Kuttram is not a timed movie made with timed intentions of box staff success. In fact, one cannot anticipate of a writer politically full plot same this one over the worst two decades. This has been prefabricated with the intention of making a statement and to assure that if there are people who noneffervescent haven't heard of position specified as 2G, they will no long rest uneducated. You can also find faint similarities to Ramana, but the picture is nowhere familiar to being as gripping.

Watching Sattapadi Kuttram is a strictly individualized choice. It is not an entertainer. It is a slant of the scams that have plagued Dravidian Nadu over the conclusion twelvemonth, an attacking evidence suitable forrader of the elections. The quality is whether you necessity to ticker a walk reason of all those scams and scandals existence performed by actors when the true pile is existence shown 24X7 on programme channels. Pass up your manage!


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