Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Madurai International Airport Flight Services


Its time for the Madurai people to celebrate since the operation of international flights from Madurai expected to start with in three or four months. Mr.P.Chidambaram – Union Home Minister inaugurated the new terminal building which are constructed at a cost of 129 crores.

In the past few years a lot of travelers from this region have increased which made the government to focus on making it as an international airport. It is believed that Madurai will have direct flights flying to Malaysia, Singapore, Srilanka, Dubai and many more to add to this list.

The Madurai airport is quickly working on the infrastructure required to raise its standards to handle international flights. Mr.P.Chidambaram also said that there are a lot of travelers to Malaysia, Singapore and Dubai from Trichy and Chennai, hence this Madurai international airport will be a boon for them. He also insisted that more flights should be operated from Madurai to New Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata.

It is believed that a lot of international airlines are showing interest to fly from Madurai. Mr.Praful Patel – Civil Aviation Minister, said that they are working on to make Madurai airport International sooner than expected. Now, Madurai people has another reason to rejoice!.


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